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Storm barrier

In 2018, the Flemish government will start with the construction of a storm barrier in the port channel of Nieuwpoort. This must protect the city from high water levels in severe storms. These works will last more than three years.

Storm surges are one of the most important natural threats in the North Sea region. Today, the coastal ports are the most threatened with a risk of flooding in the event of severe storms. Nieuwpoort and its hinterland are also unprepared for the high water levels associated with heavy storms.

In order to protect the coast and the hinterland from severe storm surges, the Flemish Government approved the Coastal Safety Masterplan in 2011. To protect Nieuwpoort and its surroundings, the Masterplan highlights the need for the construction of a storm surge barrier at the mouth of the Yser as a priority. After thorough studies and an architectural design, a horizontal sector gate with a passage width of 38 metres was chosen.

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